Meet Cara

Quite simply, I’m a mom, a grandmother, a wife, a small farmer, and a business professional fed up with polarized politics and the degradation of rights from the current Supreme Court that is undermining decades of precedent and the rights of all citizens.

I am a registered Democrat who believes we must all return to the table and start working together again on the issues that matter to us here in the 19th LD.  here. My entire life, I have been the peacemaker, negotiator, and calm in the storm; that is what I want to be for you.

I am currently the Director of Production for Aspiritech, a non-profit technology company that hires and trains neurodiverse individuals on the autism spectrum. For more than 25 years, I have been a program manager in the Information Technology field. A big part of my success is listening to the needs of my workers, the teams, and clients, negotiating solutions that work for everyone, and then implementing and following a plan of action to accomplish those goals. These are the skills I will rely on to make me a successful Representative for the people of the 19th District and all of Washington.

My promise to you:

I will vote on EVERY bill, so you know how I represent you.

I will always be willing to speak to you, whether you voted for me or not.

I will always be open to hearing your opinion on a bill before I vote.

I am here to represent everyone in the 19th LD and help create policies that benefit all of Washington. I humbly ask for your support for my campaign for Legislative Representative Position 2 in the 19th LD to defeat Joel McEntire.


Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson

Longview Kelso Build Trades Council


Carolyn Long

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People for Cara Cusack12/15/2022 at 8:33pm
Thoughts on Trump's "MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT?"
People for Cara Cusack
People for Cara Cusack11/14/2022 at 12:19am
So, when did Mo Brooks have his sudden, little epiphany? Had to have been after he showed up in body armor to help rile up the crowd on Jan 6, right?
Mo Brooks:
“It would be a bad mistake for the Republicans to have Donald Trump as their nominee in 2024,...Donald Trump has proven himself to be dishonest, disloyal, incompetent, crude and a lot of other things that alienate so many independents and Republicans. Even a candidate who campaigns from his basement can beat him.”
People for Cara Cusack
People for Cara Cusack11/12/2022 at 5:52pm
Here is a great example of why we need Unions.
Children as young as 13 suffered chemical burns and other injuries.
People for Cara Cusack
People for Cara Cusack11/12/2022 at 12:55am
Yes, I am running again in 2024!
People for Cara Cusack
People for Cara Cusack11/08/2022 at 6:49pm
Shooting at Ingraham High School in Seattle.
INGRAHAM HS FAMILIES: Police have secured the school. Reunification site will be at 135/Meridian. No students are being released at this time but families can prepare to meet at that location.
People for Cara Cusack
People for Cara Cusack11/08/2022 at 6:48pm
When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
Wishing everyone a safe and loving Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever you celebrate, surrounded with love and warmth. Be kind to one another. Make sure your loved ones know that you love them, regardless of your differences. Lots of love to all!🥰😍😘🎅 CaraCusack10 photo
It does not get more serious than this.
Colorado River is 2 years away from Dead Pool levels, and it may be too late to save the lakes. Imagine Lake Mead gone.
This would stop all flow downstream, also drying up groundwater that feeds wells for livestock. 1/2
Yet another mass shooting, this time at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs by a man who had previously been arrested for a bomb threat and kidnapping. This is someone that should have not had access to a weapon. #MassShooting