Hello, I’m Cara Cusack

I am a Democrat running to be your Representative of the 19th Legislative District Position 2

Join Us in Defeating Joel McEntire: Advocate for Women’s and Human Rights and Real Representation

In recent times, the courts have taken troubling steps backward in women’s and human rights.

Whether you’re a woman, an LGBTQ+ individual, or someone who cares about them, it’s crucial to vote at every level and ensure Republicans are not re-elected. Support Democratic campaigns with your donations.

The Republican party has lost its willingness to work together for the common good, while our district needs a leader who embraces collaboration and unity. In our Democratic state, a Republican obstructionist cannot effectively represent us. It’s time to elect a Democrat who will have a seat at the table and advocate for our district’s best interests.

Let’s unite and amplify our voices in the places where laws are made. Together, we can make a difference and bring about the representation our district deserves.


Let’s Do This Together

Proudly Endorsed by:

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson

Longview Kelso Build Trades Council


Carolyn Long

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

– Henry Ford